Ministerial meeting on Canada’s National Action Plan on women, peace and security

On June 16th, there was a meeting of cabinet ministers associated with Canada’s National Action Plan on women, peace and security.

Several civil society representatives were invited to address the group.

Katrina Leclerc, a member of the Steering Committee, presented WPSN-C’s remarks.

In a statement following the meeting, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau said, in part:

“During the meeting, Canadian and international leaders shared their assessments of our progress, suggested ways to sustain and strengthen Canadian leadership and emphasized linkages between international and domestic efforts, including in the protection of Indigenous women and girls and immigration programs. We will continue to listen to and amplify the voices of women peacebuilders and feminist and women-led organizations and movements. Our work would simply not be possible without their collaboration.

“My colleagues and I reaffirmed our commitment to the implementation of our action plan. Additionally, I am pleased to announce that we committed to develop a third Canadian national action plan on women, peace and security. To ensure an inclusive process and ambitious goals, we have instructed our respective departments to initiate preparations now.”

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