Become a Member

Canadian individuals and organizations are welcome to become members of the WPSN-C.

To join, you must indicate your agreement with the membership statement (below) and an indication of how you might contribute (writing, contributing to organizing an event, helping out with the website, etc) in a message through the contact form (also below).

You will then receive an invitation to join our email discussion list.  Announcements of activities and meetings are done through the list.

Membership statement:

We are a network of over 70 Canadian non-governmental organizations and individuals committed to:

1) Promoting and monitoring the efforts of the Government of Canada to implement and support the United Nation Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security; and,

2) Providing a forum for exchange and action by Canadian civil society on issues related to women, peace and security.

To help us function as a network:

  • Membership is open to Canadian non-governmental organizations as well as individuals (Canadians living in Canada or abroad, as well as individuals living in Canada) who are not currently full-time employees of the Government of Canada, working on WPS-related issues/files;
  • Members a) state their agreement with the network’s commitments (above); b) identify a contribution to the network (time or in-kind contribution); and, c) agree to adhere to the network’s Policy on Conflict of Interest; and
  • Members sign on to advocacy products, such as letters, new releases and events, as they are able.


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