WPSN-C strives to be an inclusive and accountable Network, where all voices and contributions are valued. 

In order to have a constructive path for people to raise issues, concerns or complaints regarding Network decisions, processes, communications materials, or other issues, the Network has established the position of volunteer ombudsperson.

This process is open to both members and non-members.

What does the Ombudsperson do?

  • Receive any concerns/complaints/suggestions regarding WPSN-C, acknowledging any correspondence within 3 weeks of receipt.
  • Perform fact-finding on these complaints with sensitivity and compassion. This is not an adversarial process. Rather the process is to strengthen inclusivity and respect for diversity (not establishing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’). The Ombudsperson guides the problem solving and the conflict resolution through processes such as facilitation, mediation, and coaching.
  • Report out (as relevant and respecting confidentiality as requested) complaints and actions taken (with the acknowledgement that not all complaints may require public accountability). 
  • Report annually (at WPSN-C’s AGM) how many complaints were received and any actions taken.
  • The Ombudsperson does not have jurisdiction on matters of internal governance of the network or make decisions for the WPSN.
  • For some matters, the ombudsperson may relay a concern or a point that has been overlooked. Network members may wish to consult the Ombudsperson if they feel their perspective has not been heard.  In other cases there may be a question for discussion by the Steering Committee or the whole Network. In other cases, conflict mediation may be proposed. If appropriate, the Ombudsperson may propose new policies or procedures for the Network through issuing recommendations.