Member Spotlight: Anna Snyder conducts conflict resolution training in Burma

WPSN-C member Anna Snyder conducts workshop in BurmaWPSN-C member, Anna Snyder, conducted conflict resolution training for political parties, NGOs and civil society in Burma/Myanmar in December 2013.

Anna Snyder is an Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution Studies at Menno Simons College at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In December 2013, she co-hosted conflict resolution training for Burma’s political parties, NGOs and civil society. The following is a summary of this event.

Report on seminar and workshop on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Myanmar

Dr. Anna Snyder and Dr. Stephanie Stobbe were key facilitators in the seminar and workshop on “Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Myanmar,” that took place in Yangon, Burma/Myanmar, December 16-20, 2013. The seminar and workshop were organized by Zaceu Lian, Director of the Council for Democracy in Burma (and University of Winnipeg alumnus) and funded by Canadian business leaders, including the DeFehr Foundation. Events focused on top and mid-level political leaders.

Political leaders and members of 23 political parties and 28 media groups attended the opening ceremony on the 16th the first day of the seminar; the total number of participants over the 5 days was 133. The event served to bring together members of political parties who had not previously had the opportunity to work together. 88 Generation movement leaders, Ko Ko Kyi and Min Ko Naing, who are nationally recognized political leaders, were among the distinguished speakers. Council for Democracy in Burma’s (CDB) board member, Dr. Lian Sakhong, has been instrumental in negotiating the nationwide ceasefire between the government and armed groups and as such CBD has strong connections in Burmese/Myanmar political circles. Myanmar is in transition from an authoritarian military government to a democratic society and the government is negotiating a nationwide ceasefire with 16 different armed groups after first negotiating 16 separate ceasefires. Our seminar and workshop came at an important time.

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