Table of Contents

Introduction / Beth Woroniuk, Kristine St-Pierre & Katrina Leclerc

Tracking Progress on the CNAP: Why We Need a Feminist Approach to Data Collection / Rebecca Tiessen & Kate Grantham

The Case for Intersectionality+ in Canada’s Women, Peace and Security Programming / Erin Campeau, Hilary Clauson & Remie Abi-Farrage

Time to Rethink the Annual Progress Report? / Beth Woroniuk & Kristine St-Pierre

“Women and Youth”: Creating Real Space for Young Women in Canada’s Implementation of the WPS agenda / Alexandria Bohémier & Shayne Wong

The WPS Agenda and the Rule of Law: Gaps in Implementation / Urooj Mian

Slowly but Surely: Successes and Shortcomings of the DND/CAF Implementation Plan / Sandra Biskupski-Mujanovic

Canada’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security: Moving towards Humanitarian Disarmament / Erin Hunt & Bénédicte Santoire

Keeping Women Connected & Safe: Integrating Mobile Technology into Canada’s WPS National Action Plan / Laura O’Connor

How can Canada Support Feminist Peace in Yemen? / Rasha Jarhum & Charlotte Côté

Conclusion / Beth Woroniuk, Kristine St-Pierre & Katrina Leclerc