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Tell us about your work on WPS

Egale works on issues of peace and security for 2SLGBTQI+ persons domestically and globally. This has included police training in Ukraine and the Carribean. In addition, we have created training programs for justice officials in the Western Balkans.

Share a highlight of your work on WPS issues

A highlight was that our police training efforts in Ukraine addressing hate crimes were cited in the government’s application for EU membership.

Who do you admire in the WPS field?

We admire all the members of this Network that are committed to amplifying a gender lens in peace-building efforts.

What have you read recently that you would like to recommend to Network members?

The recent report (November 2022) of the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to the 77th General Assembly on peace, security, sexual orientation and gender identity.

If you could make one recommendation for the next National Action Plan on WPS, what would it be?

That it takes into account how policy regression and extremism can create environments that threaten peace and security for women in all their diversity.

What is your dream for the WPS agenda?

That it is crafted in a way that takes a holistic approach to peace and security for women.