Location: Ottawa

Tell us about your work on WPS

CANADEM deploys experts from all over the world to UN and other multilateral organizations to work on humanitarian issues, peace and security. This includes a large number of experts from many nationalities working on WPS issues.

Share a highlight of your work on WPS issues

CANADEM’s experts come from all regions of the world and work in humanitarian and conflict settings to promote women’s rights, women’s participation in decision-making, combat gender-based violence and promote women’s health and reproductive rights. Our current deployments are with a range of UN agencies and the OSCE in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe responding to conflicts, refugee crises and natural disasters.

If you could make one recommendation for the next National Action Plan on WPS, what would it be?

Give equal attention to international and domestic issues. All countries need to work on WPS issues and Canada is not an exception.

What is your dream for the WPS agenda?

That women are included and empowered to participate in decision-making processes all over the world, in negotiating peace agreements, in planning for disaster recovery and development.