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MAC is based in Ottawa

Tell us about your work on WPS

Mines Action Canada works to incorporate the WPS agenda into our humanitarian disarmament work. We focus on the meaningful participation of women especially young women in disarmament decision-making and on gender and diversity mainstreaming.

Share a highlight of your work on WPS issues

In 2019, we sponsored the participation of 32 young women from over a dozen countries in the 4th Review Conference of the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines. Their multilingual statement to the diplomatic meeting was considered a highlight of the meeting and set a strong tone for the action plan that was adopted.

Who do you admire in the WPS field?

We admire the women working to clear landmines and cluster munitions around the world. For many years, demining was considered men’s work but these women are breaking down stereotypes while excelling at difficult but life-saving work. How can you not admire the people who make their communities safe?

What have you read recently that you would like to recommend to Network members?

Connecting the Dots: Arms Control, Disarmament and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

If you could make one recommendation on WPS issues to Prime Minister Trudeau, what would it be?

WPS is more than just women in the military and policing. Canada should be supporting gender analysis and women’s participation in disarmament and other areas related to peace and security.

What is your dream for the WPS agenda?

We would like to see the WPS be fully integrated into disarmament work. Beyond that we hope to see a time where the WPS agenda does not have to waste time justifying why women should be included in peace and security and is able to concentrate on best practices for including women in peace and security decision-making.