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Toronto, Canada




Tell us about your work on WPS

I work on WPS issues by building organizations’ & individuals’ capacity in gender mainstreaming, inclusivity & conflict resolution. I also help organizations improve their implementation of PSEA policies & procedures as well as train their staff.

Who do you admire in the WPS field?

I admire this community – this Network and everyone who works on WPS issues. These are people who actively engage in listening and learning from one another AND they take action! This is tough work and I’m proud to be a part of a community that embraces trying, sometimes failing, getting back up, learning, trying again and succeeding. They embody feminist leadership. All this effort is taken to ensure women and other discriminated groups have their voices heard and included in making this world equitable and peaceful. A nod of respect to all of you!

What have you read recently that you would like to recommend to Network members?

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as Part of the WPS Project

If you could make one recommendation on WPS issues to Prime Minister Trudeau, what would it be?

Shift funding away from initiatives that create and exacerbate conflict and increase funding for inclusive approaches to resolve WPS issues.

What is your dream for the WPS agenda?

My dream for the WPS agenda is to have women and other discriminated groups represented consistently at peace talks and at each stage of conflict resolution processes. I want their voices to be taken seriously and their recommendations to be acted upon. I want to see a decrease of fear regarding what may be lost by listening to these groups and a shift to curiosity on what can be gained in listening to voices that have systematically been ignored.