Who We Are

Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada

We are a network of over 70 Canadian non-governmental organizations and individuals committed to:

1) Promoting and monitoring the efforts of the Government of Canada to implement and support the United Nation Security Council Resolutions on women, peace and security; and,

2) Providing a forum for exchange and action by Canadian civil society on issues related to women, peace and security.

To help us function as a network:

  • Membership is open to Canadian non-governmental organizations as well as individuals (Canadians living in Canada or abroad, as well as individuals living in Canada) who are not currently full-time employees of the Government of Canada, working on WPS-related issues/files;
  • Members a) state their agreement with the network’s commitments (above); b) identify a contribution to the network (time or in-kind contribution); and, c) agree to adhere to the network’s Policy on Conflict of Interest; and
  • Members sign on to advocacy products, such as letters, new releases and events, as they are able.

To become a member, please see the Become a Member page.

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