IWD Blog Series – Read our Interview with Sarah Tuckey, PhD Candidate and Social Media Activist

Sarah T

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Sarah Tuckey and I am a PhD Candidate in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa. I’m currently conducting research for my PhD dissertation, on Canada’s whole-of-government approach to gender equality through the example of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (K-PRT) in Afghanistan. My interests lie in how Canada integrated a gender equality perspective into the policies, programs, and departmental collaboration involved in running the K-PRT.

Interesting! Tell us more: What drew you to this particular area of research?

I discovered a love for gender equality and international development studies in the last year of my undergraduate degree, back in 2006. I’ve been researching gender equality policy, Canadian foreign policy, gender and development ever since!

As you already know, this year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Make it Happen” and it has two main objectives: To celebrate women’s achievements and to call for greater equality. Can you share with us: a) What this means to you b) How you are “Making it Happen” in your community. 

Making it happen means walking the talk. If individuals, groups, and entire nations call for gender equality, we need to come up with ways to create true equality and balance in our communities and beyond.

I manage a Twitter account attached to my name, where I try to tweet about gender issues that I feel passionate about. I like to talk about all sorts of things on that account, but gender equality is my favourite topic to discuss. I love networking with other like-minded Twitter users on issues of gender equality. I’ve also tried to do my part in other ways, like volunteering and working for organizations that educate young people about crucial issues of the day (environmental degradation, social justice, gender equality, poverty, and many others).

What do you think it’ll take to Make gender equality Happen? Continue reading “IWD Blog Series – Read our Interview with Sarah Tuckey, PhD Candidate and Social Media Activist”