Diversity, Disability, Consultation: What I Learned

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Participants at the C-NAP Consultation (April 20-21). Meenu Sikand is third from right

by Beth Woroniuk, WPSN-C Coordinator (follow her on twitter at @bethottawa)

Imagine getting back to your hotel after a long hard day at a conference and finding that your bathroom in your wheelchair accessible room has no support bars.  In a new city, you have to go out late at night and think of innovative ideas and supplies so you can use the washroom safely. This was just one lesson I learned about the everyday challenges faced by someone navigating our cities using a wheelchair.

When we started planning the April consultation on Canada’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (C-NAP), we wanted to reach out and include diverse voices: young, old, racialized, women coming from conflict affected countries, all abilities and sexual orientations, not just people in Ottawa, long-time activists on this issue and those new to the topic… Continue reading “Diversity, Disability, Consultation: What I Learned”