From the Globe and Mail:

Globe and Mail (Toronto) Friday, Aug. 03, 2012

Peacekeepers gone wild: How much more abuse will the UN ignore in Congo?

by Gerald Caplan
What do we do when those we entrust with our greatest hopes betray that trust? If the betrayers are United Nations peacekeepers, the answer seem to be nothing at all. There is distressing new evidence, most of it reported here for the first time, that foreign soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo can sexually and violently violate young girls with impunity so long as they wear that iconic blue beret or blue helmet.



From the Nobel Women’s Initiative:

The Canadian Government Takes the Pledge!

Posted by Stop Rape in Conflict on June 21, 2012

Last week we asked you to get behind a petition to ask the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs to support a motion to make Canada a leader to Stop Rape in Conflict. The “Dear John” petition to John Baird, Tweets, and emails made an impact!

On Wednesday, June 20 the a motion was unanimously passed within the House of Commons for Canada to take leadership on the international stage to stop rape in conflict.

The motion follows the Campaign’s official launch in Ottawa the week before, on June 14, 2012, with a breakfast on Parliament Hill hosted by NDP Member of Parliament Paul Dewar and Advisory Committee member, the Nobel Women’s Initiative. Politicians and Canadian activists attended the morning event to discuss the findings of the group’s recent report, “From Survivors to Defenders: Women Confronting Violence in Mexico, Honduras & Guatemala.”

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