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Are there regular meetings?


There is a meeting for all Network members on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1pm EDT.

There are no meetings in July or August.

Aside from the regular Network meetings, each year there are also two regular meetings and two themed meetings with the WPS Advisory Group, which the Network co-chairs with Global Affairs Canada, as well as quarterly meetings with the WPS Ambassador.

Notices of meetings are sent to the internal WPSN-C mailing list. You can also check the internal calendar.

Does the Network take positions on issues?


The Network does not currently take positions on issues, sign open letters, or perform other similar actions, because the membership has not approved a policy that would allow the Steering Committee (or other Network representative) to do this.

Such a policy is currently under development and, once drafted, will be put to the membership for a vote.

How is the Network organized?

The Steering Committee organizes the day-to-day work of the Network.

It has up to 8 members (currently 6) with one year terms.

The Steering Committee for 2022 is:

  • Susan Basilli (International Women’s Rights Project)
  • Germaine Basita (Canada for Africa Group)
  • Katrina Leclerc
  • Frida Misago (United Nations Association in Canada)
  • Emily Neilson (Canadian Red Cross)
  • Beth Woroniuk (Equality Fund)

There is also a Board of Directors that ensures the Network complies with necessary legal and other commitments.

Members of the Board of Directors serve two year terms.

The current Board of Directors is:

  • Susan Basilli (International Women’s Rights Project)
  • Katrina Leclerc
  • Kristine St-Pierre (WPS Group)
  • Beth Woroniuk (Equality Fund)

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