What’s going on in WPS? A weekly update (November 9 2020)

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International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) Event:

On Thursday, November 12th, 10:00 EST/15:00 UTC, ICAN will launch their latest brief “Funding Women Peacebuilders: Dismantling Barriers to Peace”and discuss how to better fund #WomenPeacebuilders at the frontlines of crises.

Register here.

From UN Women’s programme on gender data, Women Count, comes this research highlight: Chronically underfunded, women peace builders need support more than ever

“Women peacebuilders mediate disputes, diffuse tensions and save lives in the hardest to reach places, yet their front-line work is consistently underfunded. When progress made on gender equality is at risk of reversal worldwide, and inequalities and instability are growing, sustained funding for women’s work for peace is desperately needed. “

Read more.

The seminar “Women’s Peacebuilding Work – Unrecognized Care?” was recorded and is available to watch now.

Feminist and women’s peace-making work is largely unrecognized and is chronically under-resourced. COVID-19 has amplified this gap; even though women peacebuilders are at the forefront of responses, they continue to be excluded from public decision-making on recovery. This seminar introduced findings on the topic of peacebuilding as care from the University of Sydney, as well as perspectives from grassroots peacebuilders.

The Department of National Defence recently launched a podcast about UNSCR 1325. Three episodes have been posted to date:

  • Episode one is with Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon, the WPS Champion for the Canadian Armed Forces, Major-General Craig Aitchison, Champion for Gender and Diversity for Operations for the Canadian Armed Forces, and Chief Warrant Officer Crystal Harris, Defence Co-Champion for Gender and Diversity in Operations
  • Episode two includes a discussion with two peacekeepers, Colonel Chris McKenna and Lieutenant Commander Kat Aubrey-Horvath
  • Episode three features Canada’s ambassador for WPS Jacqui O’Neill

Landmine Monitor 2020 to be launched on 12 November 2020. The report will cover ban policy, developments and challenges in assessing and addressing the impact of landmines, and trends in global support for mine action.

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