Recently released documents of interest

1) Creating Spaces for Dialogue – A Role for Civil Society by Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)

“The stories presented in this book are authored by GPPAC network members who initiated a conversation between communities and societies polarised and divided as a result of conflict. Each story shows how civil society plays a vital role in rebuilding trust and enabling collaborations.”

This is the first book in the GPPAC Dialogue and Mediation Series.

2) CrossCutting Report on Children and Armed Conflict from Security Council Report

This annual report (since 2008) tracks Security Council involvement with children and armed conflict, highlighting trends in the relevant issues.

“In 2014 the Security Council faced a mix of old and new complex crises and a high level of demand for its attention. Many of these challenging situations had devastating effects on children. Deteriorating security and political situations in the Central African Republic (CAR), Iraq, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen saw children directly affected by hostilities between rival parties and an increase in the recruitment and use of children by armed groups. Activities of extremist non-state armed groups such as Boko Haram, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), and the Al-Nusra Front led to large-scale abduction of children.”

3) Gender Report Card on the International Criminal Court 2014, produced by Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

This annual report card is an “assessment of the progress to date in implementing the [Rome] Statute and its related instruments in concrete and pragmatic ways to establish a Court that truly embodies the Statute upon which it is founded and is a mechanism capable of providing gender-inclusive justice.” The publication includes thorough recommendations for improvements that cover the full scope of the Court’s operation, including in the areas of whistleblower and anti-fraud policies, governance, budget, the operation of the Office of the Prosecutor, and victim participation and legal representation.

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