New DCAF Publication: Gender Training for the Security Sector

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces  (DCAF) has a new publication, Gender Training for the Security Sector: Lessons identified and practical resources.

“In June 2012, thirty-six gender training experts from around the world gathered in Geneva to share and discuss global best practices in delivering gender training to defence, police and security-related audiences. This report seeks to document the wealth of practical information shared during the workshop by drawing out lessons identified as well as useful tips and pointers. The report also includes a sizeable collection of tried-and-tested gender training exercises as well as an extensive list of additional resources such as publications, short videos and other electronic training materials. We hope that this report will act as a tool to inform and inspire trainers and educators in the field of gender and security and we look forward to hearing your reflections on it. ”

The report is available for download in English.

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