From Inter Press Service: Q&A: “Women’s Participation in Peace Processes Is Still Very Small”


Becky Bergdahl interviews LILIA MAIA DE MORAIS SALES, peace builder and trainer

UNITED NATIONS, Sep 21 2012 (IPS) – Friday is not just any day – it’s the International Day of Peace. Concerts, debates and moments of silence will be held all over the planet to commemorate the ideal of global truce and tolerance.

One person who does not celebrate Peace Day once a year but rather all year round is Lilia Maia de Morais Sales. She is vice-president of research and graduate programmes at the University of Fortaleza in Brazil, and holds a PhD in law.

In 2010, Sales designed the project “Flores do Bom Jardím”, meaning “Flowers from Bom Jardím”. The project teaches conflict mediation skills to women from a violent suburb outside the city of Fortaleza.

Read the complete article.

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